Chase One Real Tennis Marker

Who Are We?

Chase One is a provider of software solutions to the niche sport of real tennis. The applications built so far are:

  • Native Android app for marking matches and capturing the score in real time
  • Web-based datatase with live scores of matches currently being marked with our app
  • Web site with live scoreboards of matches in progress and a database of historic matches
  • Web portal for app users with access to scheduling upcoming matches, view all your old matches, make match results public
  • Standalone Windows app to place a scoreboard on a live web video stream

Everyone involved in Chase One is a player of real tennis and has had to mark many matches over the years so we are well aware of the pressures and problems facing the marker.

Why Real Tennis?

Simply because we are players of real tennis and there seems to be a lot of scope to bring technology into the most traditional of sports. Gone are the days of matches being marked by well-dressed chaps standing in the centre of the court. As more and more matches are marked from the dedans, the marker has more freedom to use a tablet to keep a record of the score.

Most other sports these days have legions of statisticians picking over every possible statistic, searching for some indicator of future performance. With real tennis there are many tactics we are all taught, but are they really true? Who knows? Is hitting an easy shot into the second gallery from the hazard end really worth it? Is spending the whole match at the service end really necessary? Finally, we are starting to put together some of the answers to these age old tactical questions.

As well as the standard products, we are also very pleased to consult on specific projects. Please get in touch at if you would like to discuss a project you have. Examples of potential projects could be:

  • A branded version of the app in your club's colours
  • A branded web-based scoreboard for your club's website
  • An on-screen scoreboard for web video streaming
  • Any other wierd or wacky ideas, real tennis or otherwise