Chase One Real Tennis Marker

The Scoreboards

Click here to see the scoreboards and statistics for matches currently being played, past matches and some interesting general statistics about the game.

Real Tennis Scoring System

Here at Chase One we have been working tirelessly to bring technology to the sport of Real Tennis. We have decided to target the scoring system because the game is so logical and everything can be defined so coming up with a computer-based scoring system is relatively straightforward.

In addition to the basic marking app we have built a server system to store all of the scores, and then we can leverage this to provide web-based realtime scoreboards and even overlay a scoreboard on top of a web video stream.

Need to Mark a Real Tennis Match Now?

Click here to launch our mobile-friendly online marker tool.

What Do We Do?

We have a range of products for the Real Tennis enthusiast:

Android RTMarker Pro App

This is fully-featured marking app used by many clubs and enthusiasts around the world to mark matches, run scoreboards and analyse results.

Android RTMarker Lite App

This is a scaled-down free version of the RT Marker Pro app. I basically does everything the Pro version does but without sending the score to our website. If all you need is a marking aid to keep track of the score while marking, this is the product for you!

Web Marker For Mobile Devices

This is a fully-featured version of our marking technology and all you need is a web browser. This is aimed at mobile users with either a smartphone or tablet. It is not as responsive as the native apps so if you are planning to do a lot of marking on a mobile device, we recommend downloading the native app for your device.

iOS Apple RTMarker App (* coming sometime)

We are currently working on porting our popular RTMarker app from Android to iOS. As the development process is significantly more cumbersome with Apple, we will only be offering the Premium version of the app as it just isn't commercially viable to release a free version (sponsorship, anyone?).

Performance Analyzer (* coming in the future)

This product is still in the early stages of development

Having listened to feedback from our users (mostly real tennis professionals) one of the features that has been asked for many times is the ability to accurately track statistics on many areas of a specific player's game.

At the moment our development team feel that this is probably beyond the scope of the current RTMarker application and we have started a parallel development path for the Perfomance Analyzer product, which will be a separate app, initially on Android.

Expected features:

  • Only track statistics for one player in a match
  • Winning openings
  • Faults and double fauls
  • Type of serve
  • Opponent's type of serve
  • Game points (won/lost/defended)
  • All chases set
  • All chases attacked (beaten/lost)
  • All chases defended (defended/lost)
  • Forced errors (forehand/backhand)
  • Unforced errors (forehand/backhand)
  • Missed volleys (forehand/backhand)
  • Many other statistics - please get in touch with your suggestions