Chase One Real Tennis Marker

Below are some interesting statistics based on the aggregate results of our featured matches (mostly top class matches which have been streamed)

Chases Set And % Won By Server

This chart shows chase data combined for all of our featured matches. The red bars show how many of each chase have been laid (left axis) in total. The blue line show the percentage of points won by the server when a given chase has been played off (right axis).

Note that to give meaningful % numbers only chases that have been set 10 or more times are displayed.

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The Importance Of Serving

How important is the service end? Well, in our featured matches 55% of points have been won from the service end.

Points Won Changing Ends
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Average Points Between End Changes: 6

Game Points

How many points are game point for someone?

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Is there a pattern to who gets game points? Not really.

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Is there a pattern to who wins game points? Essentially the same distribution as points in general - you want to be serving.

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General Interest

This chart shows how common certain events are relative to each other. We have winning openings and faults for the time being, shown as frequency per 1,000 rests.

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