Chase One Real Tennis Marker

Android RTMarker Lite App


  • Available from the Android Marketplace here
  • Customisable names
  • Handicaps
  • Half handicaps
  • All chases and hazards can be recorded
  • Both English and French chases available
  • Edit score (start marking part way through a match)
  • Chase off
  • Automatically track who should be serving
  • Support for 6, 8, 9 and 10 game sets
  • Support for 3-all in 3rd set
  • Support for 1 deuce then 40-all
  • Support for 40-all in handicap matches with no handicap difference
  • Record faults
  • Record winning openings
  • View basic stats about the match (e.g. points served, points won, winning openings, faults etc)