Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

Chase One is a UK-based software provider specializing in providing scoring systems to racquet sports.

What personal data does Chase One collect?

If you use one of our mobile applications which stream scores to the web then you will be asked to select an account from your device the first time you stream a score. This is then stored against all matches which are streamed using that device until you uninstall the app or change the account selected within the app.

Only the email address is stored and there is no other identifiable information stored in our systems.

Why Does Chase One Need Personal Data?

As part of the service Chase One provides we offer a web portal where users can log in and view/manage the scores from matches they have used our apps to score. In order to filter the score data to a single user we use the email address selected in the app to link to the email address used to log into the web portal.

We use the email address as an identifier to display a user a filtered list of scores they have created. We also use the email address for support purposes to find scores created by a specific user.

We do not use email addresses for marketing purposes.

Is Data Disclosed?

None of the personal data Chase One has is ever disclosed to a third party for any purposes, except as required by law enforcement agencies.

Managing Your Data

If you no longer wish to use our technology and would like all of your personal information permanenetly removed from our systems then please email support from the email address you would like removed from our systems. We will then remove all traces of your data and confirm back to you via email.